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DOPAMINE DRESSING: Why your summer holiday could be THE time to put the theory into practice

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As the latest self-care strategy to leverage fashion…for feel-good, ‘Dopamine Dressing’ has certainly helped spark a renewed appreciation for the hidden health depths of this once superficial topic.

The theory that certain clothes can mood-shift at the very least… and even manifest at best, is one that is never better put to the test, than on the occasion of a summer holiday.

After all, the very nature of baggage allowances, means that we’re effectively strong-armed into a ‘capsule’ wardrobe, the likes of which are widely peddled as an antidote to ‘nothing-to-wear-syndrome’ and it’s stressful, self-esteem lowering spawn!

Less, as we’re learning, is always more, and there’s arguably no better testament to this, than a no-rummaging-required hotel wardrobe - showcasing seven outfits, for seven days!

The second factor, of course, is that every day is an occasion on holiday, making the ‘am I overdressed question’… obsolete!

If ever an outfit is too much for the UK, then chances are, it will go down a storm in the sunshine, whether you’re rocking the catwalk that is the breakfast hall, or slinking down the slip dress supernova of the Palmanova promenade.


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