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DRINK IT IN! Savour the best this season has to offer… minus the alcohol!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The days of long, cold sundowners in the garden might be behind us for another year, but that’s not to say we should surrender to the great indoors just yet!

Instead, how about embracing the joy of wrapping up, teamed with some short, hot soul-warmers for good measure?!

After all, if there’s one thing we shouldn’t let slide just because it’s autumn, it’s that daily all-important dose of blue (grey) skies and fresh air!

It goes without saying, that a good old-fashioned hot toddy makes the cold infinitely more palatable, but unlike most hot-toddies, our one combines our thirst for comfort, with that for drinking less alcohol as part of a healthier lifestyle.

In a nod to Alcohol Awareness Week, Three Spirit Drinks have make light work of this challenge, with their plant-based ‘Nightcap’, oozing all the wood and spice you'd expect from this comforting classic.

Three Spirit Drinks are created by a team of plant scientists, world-class bartenders and herbalists, using ingredients renowned for their potential to excite the palate, mind and body.

The highly acclaimed 'Nightcap' features in this range, and is ideal for enjoying on cold, crisp days, or as part of your evening wind down ritual!

To make, simply mix 50ml of Nightcap, with warm water, lemon and a dash of maple syrup, then sit back...and savour!

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