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DRY SKIN? Try switching your household cleaning products

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

With all the hand washing and alcohol gelling of the last year, it’s no surprise that our hands have become more prone to dryness and irritation than potentially ever before.

Increased hygiene aside, such skin sensitivity is also not helped by the fact we’re now faced with more time spent indoors, where the drying effects of central heating and increased housework, can only add to the irritation caused by chilly winter weather on our daily walks.

In the interests of lessening this burden on our skin this winter, it pays to use household cleaning products which are especially formulated for sensitive skin.

The Surcare range contains no fragrances, enzymes, acids or dyes and the unique formulas are kind to even the most delicate skin. The range includes a washing up liquid, and also features a non-bio laundry liquid, capsules, powder and fabric softener which can complement the benefits of your washing machine’s anti-allergy settings.

The range of Surcare products are designed to clean effectively, and are also dermalogically approved and never tested on animals.

For more details on managing sensitive skin, Surcare be talking LIVE on Instagram with Dr Ruth Cammish on Wednesday 27th January at 9pm.

You can also read more about the impact of seasonal changes on the skin here.

Sponsored by Surcare

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