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Updated: May 7, 2022

Besides a mountain of chocolate eggs, many of us will be walking away from Easter weekend, with some fairly poignant reminders of long-forgotten truths.

Among these…

☀️ That a cloudless sky makes everything SO much brighter… and we’re not just talking about the top-of-the-garden sun trap!

🍗 That second hand bbq smoke smells sooo much better than when it’s in your own garden.

🥰That the sun on your face, does a perfect glass of rosé make!

🍫 That chocolate tastes so much better in egg form.

🛌 That time off is essential for cultivating ‘micro-moments’ - when preferences are shaped and (sometimes life-changing) decisions are made!

These are the trivialities, that might not be particularly earth-shattering, but are important nonetheless, especially for those gluttons for gratitude in our midst.

Through these rosé-tinted glasses, Easter might well be over, but the sugar-coated afterglow of a long, sun-drenched weekend lives on… in the legacy of next door’s barbecue smoke, if nothing else!

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