FACE THE DAY: ‘The benefits of facial care are more than just skin deep’

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Not so long ago, our mornings routines probably wouldn’t have been complete without going through the cleanse, moisturise, makeup motions that our readiness for the day ahead was tightly hinged on.

Fast forward through a year of no longer NEEDING to put a polished, put-together front, and it’s likely our mornings (not to mention our beauty routines) are looking quite different.

In response, the virtues of the ‘fake commute’ have begun to be touted as a potential solution. In other words, we should make like we have somewhere to be, even if we don’t.

Looking and feeling ready to face the day is a multi-step process, part of which inevitably comes down to a consistent, regular skincare routine. It's a cornerstone to confidence that British skincare brand Millionaire Beauty are firm advocates of the importance of, particularly during these times when we need all the support we can get, to feel more like ourselves again.

Purveyors of vegan skincare, their range includes a variety of products to help streamline and supercharge your morning and evening routines. The range is designed to target specific issues like acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, using natural ingredients and carefully crafted formulations.

For helping get our mornings - and our skincare - back on track, Millionaire Beauty’s range - which include the highly acclaimed 'Matrix DNA Lifting Serum' and 'Super Nova Skin Brightener - might just provide the tools we need to escape that just-rolled-out-of-bed rut. The same rut that saw more of us than care to admit, go through the day with scarcely a moment of self care in the mix.

In the interests of turning this lockdown lull around, for the benefit of not just our skin, but our sense of self, there's every indication that a change in skincare might be just as good as a rest... if not better!

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Sponsored by Millionaire Beauty

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