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Facing my ‘Facial Fear’ (head on!)

I have to admit, I’ve never been particularly ‘into’ skincare, or at least beyond the realms of ‘basic maintenance.’


It was an interesting opportunity, therefore, when my lovely friend opened The Stockley Clinic, to see if there was anything more I could (or should) be doing for the health of my skin.


Naima had said to come along and meet Amanda, their new resident skincare expert, for an informal chat, and also to discuss my ‘facial fear!’ - an aversion that was admittedly the first thing on my mind, when the subject of ‘treatments’ cropped up!


As promised, Amanda was quick to put me at ease, and the consultation was attuned to the holistic aspect of skincare, which I have always been an advocate of, and which encompasses both the health stance (sun protection, primarily) and the emotional facets of feeling both confident and comfortable in my own skin.


Among the main take-homes from this consultation were:


🧖🏻‍♀️The importance of cleansing technique, and how swapping heavy-handedness for a low pressure approach can make all the difference in terms of improving the skin canvas.


👁️ The importance of treating your eyes ‘separately and with care,’ owing to the significantly thinner skin that defines this area. Amanda also highlighted how eye cream should be applied first, as to do otherwise would, in the words of Caroline Hirons, apparently, be akin to ‘putting your knickers on after you’ve already got dressed!’


🫧 Exfoliation is one of the most neglected aspects of skincare. Relying on just one form (ie. physical scrubs) does to the skin, what only doing one form of exercise does to the body! There are apparently several key skincare ingredients which can support this sloughing / brightening process… including vitamin C!


☀️ Physical forms of SPF (Zinc and titanium dioxide) help the sun’s rays to hit the skin and bounce off, which is preferable to the effects of chemical SPF, which draw the heat in and disperse it throughout the skin. Also, an average woman needs 3 bottles of SPF for an average week’s holiday in the sun!


🤦‍♀️Don’t ’over-touch’ your skin! Time to beat the nervous habit!

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