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Feeling ‘freshtive!’ (That’s fresh AND festive, FYI)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Teeth brushing – it comes with many incentives, the most obvious of which needs no explanation.

Besides fresh breath and healthy teeth, however, this two-minutes-twice-a-day habit comes with the perk of being a powerful pick-me-up - the usefulness of which (in my opinion) is vastly underrated!

This theory of ‘mintyness as a mindset’ - it's one that finds particular relevance at this time of year, and not least because it forms the foundation on which so much of ‘readiness’ (and confidence) is built.

With this in mind, you can only imagine my delight at discovering an ‘extra strong’ toothpaste, which has been designed specifically for those ‘connoisseurs of cool’ who might feel underwhelmed by the freshness of traditional toothpaste.

Oosh toothpaste is uniquely designed to be extra minty, whilst also effectively cleaning and whitening teeth. The product is additionally - and quite importantly - vegan friendly AND made with recyclable packaging.

As we approach the party season, where ‘freshening up’ is as much about the mistletoe, as it is fighting off the desire to hibernate, Oosh has certainly gained a ‘strong’ advantage over my now ex-favourite toothpaste brand.

Morning, evening, and pre-going-out’ing, a little seems to go a long way, and I mean this both in terms of invigorating the droll of teeth-brushing… AND helping make the festive season, that little bit more MINT!


Sponsored by Oosh!


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