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Feeling Jubilant! 🇬🇧

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Jubilee fever is setting in, and whether you’re a Royalist or not, there’s much to be said for embracing this unique window of celebratory opportunity while it lasts.

From street parties, to bake sales. Village fetes, to picnics in the park. The week ahead will boast no shortage of opportunities for human connection, and for rediscovering that long-lost, glass-clinking joy that prevails when communities come together for a common cause… or in this case, causes!!

🥂 To toast the Queen.

🍰 To eat cake.

👏 To cheers to the end of the last two years.

🤗 To ‘do our bit’ for local fundraising.

For all these reasons and more, to let the next week pass by in anything other than an Earl-Grey and battenberg-charged haze of red, white and blue, would surely be a disservice to wellness… just as much as the Queen!

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