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Feta… Making Pizza Better!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023


I have to admit… I am more than a little guilty of short-cutting my way to a pizza dinner, whenever the need for a cheese fest so demands!


It’s pretty ridiculous really, especially when you consider that it would probably take but a handful more minutes to from-scratch a hearty Hawaiian, as it would do to de-celophane one of those meagrely-mozzarella’d shop-brought versions!

With this in mind, this ode to National Pizza Day comes at you fresh from the back-to-basics bandwagon, and on the raft of my newly-discovered realisation that pizza is infinitely better… with feta!

Not just any feta mind… but YAMAS! feta!

YAMAS! is an authentic Greek & Cypriot dairy brand, whose products are carefully selected and created using traditional processes and locally sourced ingredients.

Their Feta is made from a blend of Greek sheep and goat’s milk, and makes the ultimate ‘hero’ ingredient for this simple yet delicious ‘cauliflower’ pizza!

Yep… you that heard right!

Having swapped the traditional base for a hand-stretched vegetable crust, made with 37% veggies, you could say this deep-pan disruptor has what it takes to help fast food finally find long-awaited acceptance…especially in the realms of the busy everyday!

Click here for the full recipe.

Sponsored by YAMAS!

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