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FIKA: How to make your coffee breaks count

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

If you haven’t heard of ‘fika’ before... you’re about to wish you had, sooner.

Fika is a an important part of Swedish culture, and while it roughly translates as a ‘taking a coffee break’ goes much deeper than this.

Sipping coffee at your desk while ploughing through emails and trying hard not to think of hobnobs...fika is not.

Quite to the contrary of the ‘clean living’ ideal we’re so often fed on social media, THIS philosophy encourages a little indulgence, but stands firm on the importance of quality over quantity.

Quality not just in what you choose to eat, but the context and manner it’s enjoyed.

In other words, no downing dalgonas and demolishing digestives in the daze of daily drudgery!

Instead, it’s sitting down, switching off, having what you fancy...but making the mouthfuls count. Throw in some good company... and you’re onto a FIKA winner!

📸 Today’s fika, courtesy of Bumble & Goose #hmarksthespot

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