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Fishless Fish...& Invisible Chips!

It’s Friday…AND it’s National Fish and Chip Day, which means one thing when it comes to this evening’s dinner!

Or does it?!

This evening, rather than the normal fish, chips and peas ensemble, we’re embracing the alternative ‘chippy tea’ - complete with Quorn ‘fish’... and Hospitality Action deliciously light ‘invisible chips.’

Invisible chips are a simple way for you to help the people in the hospitality industry whose livelihoods are disappearing.

Many restaurants and cafes are jumping on board with this campaign, by listing these ‘special’ chips as a side dish on their menus.

They’re 0% fat, and 100% charity, with all proceeds going to Hospitality Action, who are committed to getting the hospitality industry back on its feet, one portion at a time.

Fancy joining us for a fish & chipless dinner tonight?

We’ve listed Invisible chips in our food store so you can grab a bag of what are possibly the finest fries going!

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