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Updated: May 7, 2022

Weekday dinners have a reputation for erring on the side of ‘samey’, but luckily National Garlic Day is here with a pungent reminder of just how much ‘jazzing up’ potential, is packed into those little cloves!

Take the humble butternut squash, for example.

It’s perfectly nice served plain…and anything but average when hassalbacked and cloaked in garlic, bay leaves and olive oil!

Thankfully now, as well, prepping your butternut squash has never been easier, all thanks to Eazy Peel - The Ultimate Butternut Squash Peeler!

Eazy Peel is unrivalled at cutting through the hard, tough skin of a butternut squash in minutes, using a super sharp stainless steel blade, which is designed to reduce food wastage from peeling tough-skinned vegetables such as sweet potatoes, swede and turnips.

Mains powered, the Eazy Peel features a detachable blade head for easy cleaning, and a comfortable grip handle that makes light work of this otherwise arduous task, in particularly for those prone to joint problems such as arthritis.

With all of the stress taken out of squash prep, the freedom is officially ours to try and test some of the best recipes that the butternut has to offer.

From risotto, to pasta…to salads. There are few dishes - it seems - that can’t be stepped up with a simple side or stir-in of roasted squash.

It’s really no wonder then, that when it comes to keeping an eye on the spring recipe inspo ball, we’ve officially (and eagerly) got everything peeled…not least of which the veg!

Sponsored by Eazy Peel #ad

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