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FOR FUN’S SAKE! How much of the joy of restaurants, is dished up OFF the plate?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Since eating out has become a ‘thing’ again, we’re reminded of just how much of the joy of restaurants, is dished up OFF the plate!

Of course, Bondi’s finest breakfast bap is a BIG incentive, but the change of scene - the decor, or ‘situational triggers’ - count for just as much.

According to a study detailed in Psychology Today, props and design features such as colours, lights and music also add to the delight of eating out, and offer a much-needed license to ENJOY…if ever we needed one!

After the year we’ve had, what greater luxury could we afford ourselves, than sacking off the dining room table (or worse, the lap tray) for the sensory feast that lends new meaning to the phrase ‘eat out to help out’?

Of course, we’re supporting hospitality to the end, but with every dining out decision, we’re also bolstering the mental health terrain with an elixir of meals, mates and mindless banter over which fabric food is the cutest! (The avocado, right?!!)


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