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For the love of lists

Lists, whether you’re making them, consulting them or ticking stuff off them, are one of life’s small but immeasurable joys!

Even if you’re not a ‘list person’, there is much to be said for putting pen to paper more often, and as a matter of routine.

Whether you’re writing down a shopping list, setting goals or offloading mind-clutter, the list is unrivalled as a way of bringing order, clarity and focus into our often chaotic lives. .

In particular, list-making can help to ease that dreaded feeling of overwhelm that often accompanies life’s busyness. Without them, all those revolving thoughts and worries have a habit of taking up vital cognitive resources. Noting them down, instead, is a way of expelling them from your headspace, and lends a greater capacity to select and prioritize.

Without these precious lists, we can often succumb to procrastination, avoidance and, ultimately, stress.

As a time-honoured system, lists not only help us feel unburdened and focused, but also (and quite crucially) hold us accountable to take action, by turning the abstract into a clear roadmap of what we need to be done, and when...which is half the battle of what our daily struggles to stay organised often are.

As if this isn’t incentive enough to put pen to paper, there is that unbeatable warm glow that seeing all those scored through jobs at the end of a day, week, month or even year can bring. Our lists are proof of our achievements, many of which are easy to forget, in a phenomenon known as the “Zeigarnik effect”. These ‘done lists’ can even be created at the end of the day, and are great for making us feel effective and capable, which in turn boosts self-esteem.

To celebrate the joy of list making, we’re giving away a ROLLO LONDON notebook.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is:

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✔️ Tag yourself, or somebody you think would love a new notebook, in the comments on this post.

The giveaway will run until midnight on Sunday, and we’ll announce the winner on Sunday 28th!

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