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FROM BED... TO BOARDROOM: Meet the loungewear that’s making the leap

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Pyjamas have been one of the hallmarks of lockdown, with most of us probably willing to admit our nightwear has filtered into our everyday wardrobe at least a little... if not a lot!

Whether sleepwear has made this transition stylishly, though, is as open to debate as whether the habit is actually helping - or hindering - that most valuable of commodities - SLEEP!

Doubts aside, rest-wear is a trend that shows no sign of wavering just yet, which begs the question... just how can we make our comfies work better for us, from bed to boardroom (aka. Zoom)?

Enter... Noctu organic cotton nightwear brand. Noctu are dedicated to creating nightwear that not only feels comfortable, but which - thanks to a beautifully understated earthy colour palette - also looks good enough to wear in our everyday lives at home.

Made from natural materials, their U.K made collection uses the finest, softest GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, whilst placing sustainability and fair manufacturing at the fore. With such a high priority placed on quality AND ethics, Noctu is undisputedly the thinking person’s choice for both peace of mind... and sleep!

Sponsored by Noctu

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