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GINGERLY DOES IT: ‘Be gentle with yourself, for we need all the TLC we can get.’

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

With the energy-sapping effects of lockdown already beginning to take their toll on both motivation and morale, the temptation to power through on a heady cocktail of caffeine and denial is becoming a difficult one to resist.

As uplifting as that third cup of Java might seem, however, know that the coffee-o-clock slope is a notoriously slippery one to navigate, and one that doesn't necessarily end well for our mood and energy levels.

At this time when keeping our concentration and spirits high has become the ultimate priority, it pays to consciously alternate caffeinated drinks with a naturally uplifting alternatives such as QUARTERPAST Immunity Teas.

Rich in ginger, freshly squeezed lemon and New Zealand honey, their delicious and convenient caffeine-free tea concentrate is just what you need when the kettle calls for the umpteenth time that day, and it also has the added benefit of some invaluable health-promoting ingredients.

Ginger, by all accounts, has been shown to help enhance both attention and cognitive processing, and when blended with lemon and honey, makes for a refreshing way to support the immune system in the process.

As a counterweight to the #coffeelife that is creeping into the mainstream, this caffeine-free pick-me-up might just prove invaluable - especially (and ironically) at this time when life has given us all the lemons! 🍋

To make, simply fill 10% of a cup with your favourite infusion, top the remaining 90% of the cup with hot water, stir and steep for 2-3 minutes.

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