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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

With going home always touted as the antethisis of living life to the full, it‘s become a commonly posed question...just how are we to measure success, fun and all the other things once gauged by sleep lost and miles amassed?

Under the current lockdown, ‘going big’ is now a matter of being bold and extravagant in small, *in*significant ways.

Big hair, big clothes… big coffee!

As our worlds have become smaller, the proclivity to size-up the small stuff has become more prevalent, with the benchmark for ‘giving it large’ now erring more on the side of lattes, than lates.  

These 'big littles' - those simple pleasures that bring so much joy - are everything in today’s climate. So much so, that it’s probably not beyond a baggy shirt to rock the age-old power dressing pedestal on which success/happiness used to balance.

Yes, this perspective shift might not be forever, but in the interim, we’re all left questioning that high risk, high-reward ideal which once linked ‘home time’ with a lack of ambition or stamina.

In 2020 context, going home is not the cop out it once was. Either/or has effectively been removed from the equation, and now it’s a simple case of ’go big, go home’...where home comforts and the everyday wins bring us the best of both worlds, without the burnout.

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