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GOING NOWHERE FAST: The unsung advantages of treading water!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

With the #Mondaymotivation twitterati back hogging the social soap box once again, we couldn’t help but think…what would happen if we politely declined today’s invitation to rise to the ‘new week, new me’ occasion?

What would happen, in other words, if we rejected the pressure to squeeze value from every second, of every day, and instead just focused on staying afloat, every which way we can?

This idea of rejecting hustle culture for the sake of health and wellbeing, is by no means a new concept, but on those professional platforms still revolved around users outdoing themselves on every status update, it remains an aberration.

Don’t get me wrong…I get it.

After all, the ‘eat, sleep, repeat’ playbook (however much basis it has in real life) doesn’t make for the thumb-stopping content we’re all told we need to churn out in the name of profile-building!

That said, there does come a point - and that point is arguably now - when peddling the leaps and bounds for likes, maybe does a disservice to the very audience we’re trying to connect with and impart ‘value’ on.

Niyata Mavinkurve summed this up perfectly in one of her recent posts, where she hastened to raise awareness of the value in JUST. SAYING.NO.

Not just to other people. But to ourselves.

When the everyday feels like swimming up against a torrent of bad news, we perhaps need to focus less on how far we’re NOT getting, and instead on the strength and conditioning that’s steadily being honed whilst we’re busy just treading water.

The resistance pool, as a fitting metaphor for this very idea, is proof if ever we needed it, that not everything which serves us physically, mentally and indeed professionally, is beyond the boundaries of that much-maligned ‘comfort zone.’

None of this is to say we shouldn’t blow our own trumpet on occasion, and particularly on those platforms that double up as a curriculum vitae. What it does suggest, however, is that we need to create more pushpins for progress, than those currently recognised and celebrated within the social media success map.

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