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GOOD VIBRATIONS: Leverage the power of your lunch break, to help manage back-to-work anxiety

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

With Autumn signifying a return-to-the-office for many of us, the coming months look set to be a period of mixed emotions.

Relief. Excitement. Anticipation. On the flip side, however…there’s stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

The how-to of managing these symptoms of discomfort, is a growing area of interest, and one that Sensate‘s mindfulness device is poised to assist with.

By relaxing your fight-flight-freeze response, Sensate can help you decompress on demand, whilst also improving stress resilience over time.

Sensate relies on specially composed soundscape sessions which can be felt AND heard through the handy wearable device. These S.I.R.T. ™ (Sensate Infrasound Resonance Technology) sessions can help to optimize self-regulation, as well as improve focus and productivity.

Sensate requires no effort, training or experience, simply find a comfortable place to relax, put on your headphones, choose a session in the app, and allow yourself to be relaxed by the immersive experience.

Sessions vary in length from 10 to 30 minutes, so you can even leverage the power of your lunch break, to help manage the symptoms of back-to-work anxiety.

Of course, a period of such re-adjustment is never going to be easy, but with workplaces and office spaces having much to offer in terms of employee morale, motivation and happiness,

it’s a challenge we’re embracing, head *phones* on!

For £20 off your first Sensate purchase, use code HEALTHMAG via the Sensate website.

Sponsored by Sensate

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