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‘Heatwaves bring the double-edged challenge of not just staying hydrated… but keeping cool’

Finally… summer has arrived, but alongside the glorious abandon that comes with every heatwave, there’s the double-edged challenge of not just staying hydrated… but keeping cool.

For topping up on h20 on the go, a trusty Klean Kanteen reusable is a modern-day non-negotiable, perfect for ensuring cold water on demand… for up to 20 hours. However, that’s not where the perks of this stylish stainless steel bottle end!

Thanks to the bottle’s perma-cool casing and unique Climate Lock™ double-wall vacuum insulation, it also doubles up as convenient cool-pack, useful for applying to the wrists, neck and pulse points whenever the heat is on*!

Made from sustainably harvested bamboo, stainless steel and food-grade silicone, this handy bottle contains no paint, ink, coatings, or plastic, making it the obvious choice for those persuing a more sustainable approach to everyday hydration.

With Plastic Free July now upon us, and with the hygiene protocols of late having caused a significant back-step in our single-use plastic habits, the simple act of doing what we can to lessen our individual footprint, has never been more important.

For many of us, a resuable bottle represents a cornerstone of this commitment, helping us steel a march on both plastic waste, and soaring temperatures…one sip at a time!

Sponsored by Klean Kanteen

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