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HELLO SALAD SEASON: ‘Here’s how to level up your leaves in terms of flavour AND nutrition’

When it comes to summer lunching, salads lead the way with their potential to bring something new, refreshing and health-giving to the table!

This Healthy Eating Week, we’re set on showcasing this versatility, and showing you just how to level up your leaves in terms of flavour AND nutrition, with the help of Masia El Altet olive oil.

Masia El Altet is a high quality, complex olive oil, extracted from hundred-year-old olive trees in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja Nature Reserves, located in the Alcoy mountains of Alicante province.

This extra virgin olive oil’s unique and complex characteristics, are owed in part to the farm’s special microclimate, which brings cold winters...and mild summers.

As many a regular salad-maker will attest, these are the details that matter most when endeavouring to create something bigger and better than your average ceasar!

A dash here, and a drizzle there, has the potential to transform an otherwise ordinary lunch ...into a culinary soujourn, packed with all the Mediterranean vibes that our tastebuds have undoubtedly been craving throughout the last year!

For the demo on how to make this Halloumi and Butternut Squash salad, head over to our Instagram stories.

Sponsored by Masia El Altet

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