HIBERNATION MODE: Welcome to Hot Toddy and early night season!

So it’s official!

Hibernation mode has begun, and with it comes a renewed desire for cosying up, early nights, and sleeping in!

As a result, the alcohol-free hot toddy is taking the lead as THE tipple of the season, making light work of both drinking less and resting more...one deliciously warming mug at a time!

The 'dry hot toddy', brought to you by Three Spirit Drinks’ plant-based ‘Nightcap’, oozes all the wood and spice you'd expect from this comforting classic, but with none of the alcohol that would detract from its otherwise significant wellbeing contribution.

Three Spirit Drinks are created by a team of plant scientists, world-class bartenders and herbalists, using ingredients renowned for their potential to excite the palate, mind and body.

The highly acclaimed 'Nightcap' features in this range, and is ideal for enjoying before bedtime, as part of the 'great winter reboot' that we are all prioritising now more than ever. To make, simply mix 50ml of Nightcap, with warm water, lemon and a dash of maple syrup, then sit back...and savour!

Sponsored by Three Spirit Drinks

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