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Holiday style, from breakfast… to beach!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We’ve all heard of the concept of ‘day to night dressing,’ and the virtues of an outfit that seamlessly transcends the desk… to drinks.

It’s all very well, but if you ask me, this much-blogged-about topic isn’t nearly as interesting as the art of an #ootd with the power to take me from from breakfast…to beach.

It’s in a holiday context specifically, that this reframed fashion trend finds most relevance… unsurprisingly.

This year, determined to put its principles to the test, I enlisted the help of Sunsibility’s most popular, multi-tasking cover-ups, whose designs befit the coffee-sipping realms of the hotel dining room … just as much as the pool-shaped peripherals. (View fashion reel)

With built in UPF50, each design is an ode to the power of ‘slip on and go.’

A range of no-accessorising-needed key pieces that can pass for casual AND dressy in equal measure, and which help to take the outfit changes (and excess luggage!) out of looking after your skin… and style!

Sponsored by Sunsibility

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