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HOLIDAYS AND HEADSPACE: Why we need to reframe the face of ‘switching off!’

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

For many people, one of the most attractive prospects of time away isn’t so much the sun, sea and sangrias...although granted, all three are pretty appealing!

Instead, it’s that simple, much-coveted idea of headspace - and the sheer absence of ‘to-dos’ - that has got the mentally frazzled among us psyched for this summer’s great out-of-office countdown!

In an ideal world, headspace and holidays would be mutually exclusive, but with ‘switching off’ so often thwarted by the very nature of being, well…human, it can require some proactivity.

Holidaying with children, for example, means tactics may be necessary.

Holidaying with an over-active mind… likewise.

That said, whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner or with family, Zafiro Palace Palmanova has the facilities to help you reclaim some calm… in nuggets of pure, clear-headed, legs-dangling-in-the-pool gold.

From the adult only area… to the spa.

The bar… to the bedroom terrace!

It’s the sum of these small, peaceful parts, that the halcyon days of holidays - and headspace - are made of!

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