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Holidays - through the ages!

Updated: Jun 10

One thing I’ve come to notice in recent years, is that my holiday priorities are unrecognisable from what they were some twenty years or so ago!

Back when the biggest take-home from time away was (rather ashamedly) a tan, it would have been inconceivable that the currency of books read, lengths swam and hours slept would be king!

Nowadays, however, this is exactly how I quantify the success of my annual leave.

It’s all about how well I can use the holiday toolkit, to haul my 'back home' routine out of its vitality-quashing ruts.

These ruts might include, but are not limited to, the ‘big no-nos’ of….

Eating the same meals on repeat.

Running too much!

Eating too late!

Skimping on family meals!

Rushing too much!

Within the holiday landscape, I find myself naturally veered away from these potholes, and into a whole new way of existing, which seems to have aggregate gains for wellness, that often last beyond the holiday itself.

This summer, I’ll be exploring how the physical, emotional, social and cultural opportunities of holidaying Portugal, specifically, might tie in with this 'holistic holiday' blueprint that I've created.

It begins at none other than The Anantara Resort - one of the leading resorts in Vilamoura - has much to offer in terms of health-promoting amenities, many of which I’ll be niching down in the coming weeks, over on the Health Instagram page.

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