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HOMEMADE GRANOLA: ‘This is the bootstrap breakfast bandwagon that EVERYONE is talking about’

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

If your cereal cupboard is proving uninspiring, and not much is tickling your fancy these chilly November mornings... then we might just have the solution. Homemade Granola... By all accounts, this anyone-can-make-it breakfast idea will likely change your opinion on granola for the better, forever. Quick, easy and (in our opinion) far superior to anything you can buy in the shops (both in terms of taste and nutritional value), this is the bootstrap breakfast bandwagon that EVERYONE is talking about. Teamed with Tims Dairy Kefir and fruit, the winning sweet, crunchy and subtly sweet combination is the epitome of breakfast goals...and just what we need when the importance of nutrition and digestion are once again being brought to the fore. Optimum digestive health plays a crucial role in immune system function, so there is never a better time to begin introducing more fermented products such as Kefir into our daily diet.

Tims Dairy kefir has all the gut health benefits of Kefir, but the mild taste and luxury texture of their Greek style yogurt. Made with the best natural ingredients and fresh pasteurised British milk, this coconut kefir is not only lactose free, but also comes to you in 100% recycled pots.

Tims Dairy Kefir is available in most Waitrose stores and with Ocado from January 2021.

For the recipe for this homemade granola, head on over to our Instagram stories.

Sponsored by Tims Dairy

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