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Hot Desking: Why it pays to take your work outside

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Of all the luxuries of home working, the freedom to set up office in the garden is easily the one we could get most used to.

It’s not surprising, given that working outdoors has been shown to improve both productivity and mood... upping our professional game from the grass roots upwards!

The phenomenon owes mainly to the invigorating power fresh air, natural light and nature, the combined effects of which can work in favour of concentration, memory and creative thinking, among other benefits.

According to @recruiterdotcom, 20 minutes in the open air provides an energy boost equal to a cup of coffee, making it worth a try it you’re trying to up your game but moderate your caffeine intake at the same time.

Of course, working in the garden might not always be a feasible option, depending on the nature and constraints of your work, and let’s not even get started on the frustrations of a dodgy WIFI connection...

These factors aside, however, there are degrees of outside working that make it flexible to most circumstances. Swapping the desk for the decking, even if only for a short period of time such as a lunch break or tea break, can still be enough to benefit wellbeing at work, contrary to popular belief.

The only word of advice, as always, is to seek shade, use SPF protection and equip your laptop with an anti-glare screen to avoid eye strain!

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