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How to be a ‘hype girl’: Why it pays to tap into your inner cheerleader

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

So I stumbled across an idea not so long ago, that struck me as something that more people should probably know about, than most likely do already.

The idea centres on the theory of ‘being your own hype girl.’

Loosely speaking, this means cultivating within yourself, all the tools you’ll ever need to overcome any and all obstacles that might come your way.

By tapping into your inner cheerleader in this way, the theory goes that you can thrive and conquer, even in the absence of anything…or anyone, else!

When there is no longer a need to look beyond your own control for all the answers and motivations life demands, self-sufficiency prevails, and with far-reaching consequences for wellness, self-esteem and opportunity.

On paper, the mere suggestion that this is even possible, is hope-instilling.

After all, a support system that includes ‘therapy’ and genuine advisors is expensive and never guaranteed, respectively.

With such a ubiquitous need for both, in these times of heightened mental health awareness and proactivity, a plan b is not just preferable… but necessary.

I, for one, wish I had discovered and started honing this skill sooner, for it promises to be as powerful, as it is life changing.

I say ‘honing’, as I’ve no doubt that the how-to of escaping unhelpful thought patterns solo, is something that can’t be mastered overnight. Much like actual cheerleading, it requires commitment, patience and practice. Not practice to make perfect, as this is something of a myth, but practice to make BETTER.

Better at being our own voice of reason, and better at digging ourselves out of the kind of emotional holes that once would have swallowed us…whole!

THIS… is the reward of being in the hype girl aficionado, and with this in mind… where do I sign up?!!

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