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‘Huge potential for delicious home cooking exits outside the meat and two veg remit!

For health just as much as ethical reasons, eating less meat is a lifestyle choice that’s filtering more and more into the mainstream.

Initiatives such as Meat Free Monday, Veganuary and Vegetarian Awareness Week (which begins today) have had a significant part to play in driving this trend, and also in opening our eyes to the huge potential for delicious home cooking that exits outside the meat and two veg remit!

So much is this the case, that we’ve teamed up with cooking sauce brand Family Secret in a bid to showcase the best that meat-free meal planning has to offer, starting with this delicious vegetarian Moroccan Tagine!

Quick and easy to make, the recipe is based on wholesome, vegetarian ingredients, and so ticks many of the mid-week meal criteria that our time-stretched evenings depend upon.

Family Secret’s delicious range of sauces are designed to bring variety and convenience to home cooking, without compromising on taste or nutrition. For this reason, all products are low in salt and sugar, free from preservatives and artificial colours, and bursting with authentic flavours from around the world.

At this time, when the stresses, strains and restrictions of life have upped the pressure on dinner to go above and beyond just satisfying hunger, there's added comfort in quick-cook, internationally inspired meals which also satisfy our palate for travel (and escapism)... one Moroccan Tagine at a time!

Sponsored by Family Secret

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