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‘I feel like a loaf of bread!’

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I have come to accept it as one of motherhood’s great inevitabilities…

That is… the near total eclipse of no.1 in the ‘looking after…’ equation.

This almost overnight de-prioritisation of self - the one that takes place predominantly when a baby arrives - is summed up never more accurately than by this audio’s bread-shaped metaphor!

Fellow mums will probably relate, that there’s no greater evidence of one’s own stark unimportance, than the typical weekday morning!

These helter-skelter hours, which are entirely consumed with trying to get everybody else fed, dressed, packed and out of the door… they bring a whole new meaning to the idea of personal ‘readiness.’

Rise and shine… this most certainly IS. NOT!

Instead, it’s a veritable race against the clock, the Rice Krispies and ‘socks that feel funny’, the culmination of which is a ‘morning routine’ that hinges on grabbing what’s cleanest (and closest), with not so much of a GHD or ‘primer’ in sight (how did I ever have time for those anyway!)

Nowadays, I do quite often find myself wondering….how, what and WHY I ever felt justified in using the term ‘hectic’ to describe those mornings that DIDN’T look like running on fumes since 6.30am!

Thankfully, once all the checks, balances and ‘love you’ school-gate kisses are complete… that once-taken-for-granted luxury of breakfast, once again enters the realms of morning possibility.

But what’s on the menu, I hear you ask?

Scrambled eggs ?

Just-right porridge, a la Thee Bears!

Nope… just the two leftover ends of the bread it is then!

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