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‘I’m not entirely alone in my late-year laziness!’

Updated: Dec 7, 2022



Aimless busying!


Whatever you call it… there’s one thing that my current ‘mode’ isn’t, and that is productive.


Having bemoaned this current plight to a friend, I was assured to find that I’m not entirely alone in my late-year laziness.


Between the impending festivities, the endless to-dos, and the natural mammalian tug to go inwards and hibernate…it’s really no wonder that focus and energy seem to be becoming increasingly elusive commodities.


For me, the woolly-headed, all-I-wanna-do-is-watch-Love-Actually vibe is not just a consequence of ‘cosy mode’ setting in, and the ‘warm fuzzies’ gaining territory.

By this I mean all those hot chocolate, fluffy-slipper shaped distractions that arguably, will never an A-Gamer make!


As well, however, I would put the feeling down to a bit of ‘checked out’ syndrome.


OK… this isn’t really a thing (I made it up) but for the purpose of putting a name to the face of this seasonal sloth - the one who embodies the correlation between perceived time remaining, and defeatism - it serves a purpose!


I often think about this link, and the natural ‘annual energy cycle’ that we’re probably all subject to, to a greater or lesser extent…and whether we realise it or not.


Assuming our ‘modes’ shift with the contours of the year, I wonder if this natural urge to idle, that seemingly crests on the 1st December, might actually be serving some deeper self-care related purpose?


This in mind, my New Month Resolution (because that’s surely also a thing) is to lean into the lure of Love Actually and accept that while it might look distinctly like NOT doing the work… the disconnect to reconnect school of thought might well say otherwise.

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