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I’VE GOT THE KEY… (And the secret!)

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

On first impressions, you could be forgiven for placing this keyring among the mass-produced, accessory-shaped spawn of today’s burgeoning affirmation culture.

The same culture which sees the most inanimate of objects (from mugs to car stickers) pertaining to life-coach us through the meanders of the everyday…one ‘live, laugh, love’ at a time!

Despite the modern-day ‘you got this’ feels, however, this item hails from a time BEFORE positivity quotes and sayings had filtered into the mainstream.

A time when proclaiming our own greatness through the medium of car keys, suggested a sense of humour at best…and arrogance at worst.

Fast forward 30 years, and the words are now read with very different eyes…and not just for the fact that self-affirmation is officially ‘a thing’ - according to the self-affirmation theory of 1988 (Steele), no less!

In addition to this, time has also seen to it that the affirmation comes with a deep-rooted obligation to ‘repeat after me…’ at every key-grabbing moment!

Granted, the words are not always easy to digest, but luckily, DAMN I’M GOOD is open-ended enough, to transcend even the most wavering of skill sets…and self-esteems!

In other words, it can theoretically be applied as much to a real, recognised talent, as it can to a flair for using sentimental tidbits, to fill a parent-shaped void in the mental wellness puzzle.

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