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If you’re spending time in the pool this summer, a facial SPF might not be enough!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

With heatwaves and holidays currently making headlines, the topic of sun safety has once again been pinned to top feature status.

From SPF… to shade-seeking, the narrative is by no means an unfamiliar one, but rest assured, there’s much more to modern-day sun safety than meets the eye (or skin!)

Take, for example, the additional caveats that water - most notably the pool - brings to the cardinal rules of UV dodging.

According to the World Health Organization, water reflects about 10% of the suns UV rays, which essentially means if you‘re spending time in the pool… a facial SPF might not be enough.

In addition, a wide brim, light-weight hat, such as this style from Solbari, is necessary to help to extend additional much-needed protection to your eyes and skin.

Made from 100% water and stain-resistant UPF50+ nylon, the stylish design lends equally well to relaxing poolside… as it does to long, hot days at the beach (here’s hoping!).

Not only this, the unique foldable structure means the ‘Traveller’ is more than just a convenient complement to a capsule (suitcase-size) summer wardrobe.

It also, with it’s unique goes-with-anything monochrome design, hits the nail on the head of his n’ hers style… so bringing the winning of twinning to the beach bar, and beyond.

To this end, we’re putting this online-only fashion find (available now at Solbari) down as a hat-trick victory for self-care - helping seal the deal for SPF, style and staying cool in equal measure.

Sponsored by Solbari

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