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IRONING BOARD DESKS: ‘Standing-working might help negate the negative effects of sitting too much’

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In keeping with the theme of Self Care Week, the spotlight today is on DESKS (or lack of them) and the threat that this place where we spend so much of our day, can pose to both posture… and motivation.

Even with the best setup that money can buy, there is a very real tendency for the confines of the work-from-home office (with all its temptations to overwork, and risks of isolation) to drive down everything from activity levels, to mood and even creative inspiration.

It’s for this reason, that switching up work stations and alternating between sitting and standing, has been touted as one of the best possible ways to escape the pitfalls of #wfhlife.

In terms of putting this advice into practice, it’s actually in the most unlikely of household items, that one of the best solutions can often be found.


The ‘ironing board’ desk is just long enough to fit all the work from home essentials, and gives you the freedom to adapt the location AND elevation of your work surface – accommodating both seated work, and the ‘vertical desk’ that we are encouraged to embrace more of in these sedentary times.

Standing working can help negate some of the negative effects of sitting too much, and offers several health benefits, including slightly increased energy expenditure, improved posture regulation, and even enhanced blood sugar control, according to one study.

Besides the obvious advantages of getting us onto our feet more often, the ironing board desk also offers the opportunity for a change of scene, which can be invaluable when the four walls of the typical home office space start to wear a bit thin!

That change of scene could be the kitchen, bedroom or maybe even the lounge... space permitting! With this freedom, comes greater access to more of the tools to help us iron out those work-from-home creases...a hearty dose of This Morning, not least of them!

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