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It is much more important to be interestED… than interesting!

The age between 37 and 44 is an ‘interesting’ period if ever there was one

Not necessarily ‘interesting’ in a conventional way, however, or in a way that enriches one’s popularity or likeability by manner of ice-breakers, or conversation-cultivating anecdotes.

Nope… instead, what seems to be most ‘interesting’ of all about occupying this liminal space between old and young, is just how much more important it becomes to be interested… rather than interesting.

To be fascinated… rather than fascinating.

Charmed… rather than charming.

With this, time spent fluffing and preening the peacocks tail with nights out, bucket lists and five year plans, now seems infinitely better spent ‘roaming the range’ - collecting precious crumbs of creativity, knowledge and understanding along the way. 🦚

The rewards of this shift? They’re measured in cerebral satiety, rather than in the popularity or street cred whose currency was - not so long ago - king!

It’s a age-related phenomenon that is evidenced, not least, by the fact that I find myself increasingly writing more about these so-called ‘crumbs’, than anything else.

Their colour, their shape… in which corner of the thicket of life I happened to stumble upon such marvellous morsels of micro-information, without which, the day wouldn’t be nearly so complete.

This was the rather unconventional theme of today’s blog post - an ode to the truth that not only is ‘every day a school day’, but every space is a classroom - even the sauna, it transpires.

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