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It’s almost impossible to do all the things… all the time!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Not to be repeated (for a while at least!)

It would be all too easy to dedicate this post to the virtues of cold water therapy, but let’s just freeze that thought for a minute…and consider instead, just how therapeutic it is to exercise decisiveness in all things… health hacks included!

Even with the best ‘healthy lifestyle’ will in the world, it’s almost impossible to do all the things… all the time!

Yes, regular cold water exposure is amazing, but so too is body brushing, meditation, eating sea vegetables….and so many other things that just never seem to ‘stick’, no matter how good the kale smoothie intentions.

To believe otherwise, is somewhat of modern-day affliction, with often significant consequences for both self-esteem and wellbeing.

To this end, despite being bowled over by the post-bucket high, there’ll be no dalliances with the shower dial back home…as much as I’d LOVE to be a bonafied Wim Hof advocate.

Possibly the only thing that might sway it…would be an adjacent sauna a la @thameslido, but we all know that’s got about as much chance of transcending the everyday, as the celery juicing resolution of 2020.

None of this is to take away from the very obvious virtues of cryotherapy…or juicing, but what it is to say, is that the ‘reason, season, lifetime’ meme applies as much to trends… as it does friends.

Some come and go, and others get integrated into the daily fabric of habit and priorities, with subtle yet cumulative advantages for health.

Reflecting on the icy shower ritual, therefore, and its short but sweet season in the sun, let’s just put it this way…it’s been a blast!

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