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It’s finally time to open our minds and meal plans, to Spring’s lighter, brighter recipe repertoire!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

As the comfort food cookbooks are retired for another year, it’s finally time to open our minds (and meal plans), to Spring’s much lighter, brighter recipe repertoire.

Heading up these options for ‘easy teas’ to keep up our midweek meal sleeve, there is, of course….RAVIOLI.

For those who like their pasta with a bit of substance, ravioli is the one to beat, and especially when it’s made with the freshest, finest ingredients… such is the case with THIS home-made nod to the occasion of National Ravioli Day!

Made with Bleikers uniquely flavoured smoked salmon, ricotta, dill, chives and a squeeze of lemon, the dish is as simple as it is delicious, with a whole host of health-giving credentials to boot.

As a family owned business, Bleikers products are still hand cured in their manually run Smokehouse in the heart of North Yorkshire, which makes for a superior product in taste, and nutritional value.

Among the main advantages of smoked salmon, are the protein and omega 3 contributions, which make it a useful part of an overall balanced diet.

Whether used to make the perfect spring ravioli, picnic sandwiches, or perhaps even some epic Eggs Royale, Bleikers is leading the way in the kind of luxe lunches and decadent dinners that our weary post-winter palettes, have never needed more!

Bleikers is available at Morrisons, Tesco Sainsbury’s and Booths nationwide.

Sponsored by Bleikers

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