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It’s fizz-o-clock…but on a refined, mindful note!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

When National Prosecco Day falls on a Friday, it can only mean one thing!

Fizz-o-clock! But on a refined, mindful note!

Yes, for those of us seeking a more health-conscious way of jumping on the bubbles bandwagon, there’s Think Wine.

As the Thinking Person’s fizz, quite literally, this sparkling wine is made from the finest Glera grapes, from the heart of Treviso, north-east Italy.

Being organic, it not only boasts a higher amount of the antioxidant reservatrol (up to 32% more than standard prosecco), but also boasts many ethical advantages.

First and foremost, a move away from the issues of overproduction and increased pesticide use involved in mainstream Prosecco production, with Think committed to observing sustainable viticulture, with 100% renewable energy sources.

Being vegan, as well, with a lower sugar content than standard Prosecco, this light, refreshing wine ticks many boxes for those of us partial to a more ethical, balanced way to enjoying occasions and observations such as National Prosecco Day.

With balance and moderation at the fore, this refined fizz was surely made for toasting. Toasting to how far we’ve come, and to - quite ironically - the end of bubbles as we know them!

Sponsored by Think Wine

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