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It started with a… DOT!

The idea that great things can evolve from something small and seemingly insignificant (a DOT, no less), is not a new one by any stretch.

Of all the possible examples of this theory, the acorn is perhaps the most fitting symbol of condensed potential that, given the right environment, can become something spectacular.

It’s a theory that hinges on the ‘cascade effect.’ That small, initial and widely underestimated first step that kick-starts a momentum of creativity and opportunity!

One step, one brick, one mark… can all amount to a lot when repeated regularly.

On International Dot Day, this is an idea that we can potentially all take some inspiration from... hopefully!

‘Make a mark, and see where it takes you’ is the order of the day!

In other words… do something, anything, just as long as it’s something.

A simple idea, in theory, but for grown ups, it’s often easier said than done.

When something doesn’t necessarily fit within the bigger picture of productivity, chances are that over-thinking, procrastination and self doubt will bulldoze the very idea at source.

With ‘what’s the point?’ and ‘maybe later!’ often succeeding in keeping creativity and self-expression (and opportunity) at bay, International Dot Day is an opportunity to let ‘why not?!’ have it’s say, instead!

International Dot Day invites us make our mark.

What begins with one word (an email, a proposal... or a story perhaps) can often become a breakthrough in confidence and imagination, with the sheer kinetic energy of that one small action helping to set the wheels of change in motion.

It might sound like a long shot, but in these times when we are all being invited (nay, forced, in some cases) to explore new avenues and directions, there might just be nothing to lose. Full stop.

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