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Just a little something I ‘slipped on!’

Updated: Jul 2

With being on holiday, comes an ease of dressing that is almost impossible to replicate, in any other context of life.

It’s defined, most notably, by that irresistible art of ‘slipping into something!’

It’s a quick, easy and intuitive approach to dressing, that almost seems to defy ‘fashion’ and ‘trends’, and instead finds basis in comfort and functionality.

For me, entering this bikini-under-everything mode is a treat, since it allows the time that would be spent planning what to wear, to be channeled into more pressing matters… such as getting up-and-out to enjoy the morning sunshine!

In addition - and this is just my opinion - it also affords us all a bit of a ‘Rose DeWitt Bukater’ moment. In other words, the freedom to be more… well, ‘un-clothed’, which can, then, an all new sense of confidence make.

It’s all these facets of ‘holiday fashion’ that make it part of the nuanced picture of ‘wellness tourism’ (ie. travelling as a health-promotional tool.)

Of course… it helps in this case, that most of my outfits of choice this holiday, are from the UPF approved range at Sunsibility - the online home of skin-protecting style!

For more details and the full cover-up/fashion range, visit

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