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‘Just because…’

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Altruism - it was all the rage a few years ago, but as busyness eventually returned to pre-pandemic levels… those random acts of kindness somehow became fewer and further between.

On 'Do Something Nice Day,' it seemed fitting somehow, to re-embrace this power of ‘just because' - something which is summed up so well, by a simple, token flowers-and-wine gesture.

If you've ever experienced what it's like to arrive home to such an unexpected doorstep treat as this, you'll know that the uplift is never so much rooted in WHAT is received, but rather the thought and sentiment behind it.

Of course, it helps that this particular special delivery (courtesy of VOGA Italian Wines*) is just a little bit chic, and made especially with those of a more discerning Pinot palate in mind!

If the decision today to 'do something nice' has proved a reminder of anything, it's that the benefits of engaging in spontaneous acts of generousity - they're not entirely one sided.

Quite to the contrary, being the bearer of little happiness-bringers seems to pay as much dividends for the soul, as does being the lucky one to reap the refreshingly chilled rewards, of another's selfless generosity... and good taste.

Sponsored by VOGA

*Contains alcohol. Always drink responsibly.

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