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JUST RIGHT! Rediscover the pure, belly-warming joy of waking up to a bowl of Goldilocks' finest!

Of all the possible ways to kick-start your day, traditional porridge is hailed as potentially one of the best of them.

Renowned for helping prevent blood sugar spikes, oats also come with the advantage of supporting the immune system and improving digestion…all thanks to those little-known ‘beta glucans’ abounding in your breakfast bowl.

With today being World Porridge Day, it’s a perfect time to remind ourselves of that pure belly-warming joy of waking up to a bowl of Goldilocks’ favourite!

Without doubt, a large part of porridge's popularity is probably owing to its wonderfully nostalgic undertones, and the appeal that jumping on the bygone breakfast bandwagon carries in today's less than happy climate. It's something that, to a great extent, can be further enhanced by pimping up your porridge with some more good-old-days favourites - a 'real' newspaper and some Milkman’s milk first and foremost.

Who could argue, there's something quite satisfying about pouring your milk from a glass bottle, especially knowing that you’re supporting your local milkman and the environment in the process.

On average, milk bottles are used between 20 - 50 times each before they get recycled, compared to the plastic bottles which are used just once. 

To help keep your milk fresh, MOOPOPS reusable silicone top is the ultimate kitchen drawer must-have. Simply pop it on and off your milk bottle as needed, then wash and start again with every new bottle.

As a concept, the 'hug in a bowl' is one that certainly has scope to succeed above and beyond its nutritional remit. By opening doors to more sustainable habits, with a little help from up and coming innovators such as MOOPOPS, a simple bowl of porridge might just have what it takes to turn our mornings (nay...our future) around...and who can argue with that!

Sponsored by MOOPOPS

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