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Keep calm… and carol on!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It’s an unfamiliar sight by today’s festive standards, but a welcome reminder of ‘the feels’ that Christmas might have been missing, in the last few years.

If you’re luckily enough to have videos such as this on your camera roll - taken from the good old shoulder-to-shoulder days of sing-a-long spectatorship - now’s the time to drink them in with impunity!

Whether it’s the classic ‘Christmas Star’, or the warm, fuzzy La La Land hit ‘City of Stars’, each velveteen note is nuanced with the nostalgia of simpler times, with many of the lyrics - as well - having acquired new-found meaning in the modern world!

For this reason, we can’t be surprised that the emotions this music triggers, are often far from clean cut.

That paradoxical lump-in-the-throat, yet can’t-stop-smiling feeling is quite normal, and part of the reason the dulcet tones of a Christmas chorus are as irresistible to the ears, as they are the heart! ❤️

From a health perspective, the classic choir tunes can - according to research- have many positive neuroligcal effects, helping to lower heart rate and stress levels, in particular.

At this time of heightened uncertainty and stress, these effects might certainly come in useful, it has to be said!

The advantages, however, are not just biochemical!

They’re also owing, just as much, to the welcome reminder that such sights as the Sounding Chamber at @clivedenhouse in 2019 provide, as to what ‘normal’ really looks like!

Right now, this is something that is all too easy to forget… but essential to keep in sight!!

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