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‘Lately, making small steps towards a more plant based diet has become an almost universal goal’

Updated: May 19, 2021

For us, Spring lunching is all about the salads, with none hitting the spot quite so well as this Tuno, Celery and Cannellini Bean recipe, created as a plant-based nod to National Tuna Day!

Light, filling and refreshingly tasty, this tuna-free tuna salad might well be a paradox, but it has much to bring to the table, both in terms of nutrition... and sustainability!

Just lately, making small steps towards a more plant-based diet has become an almost universal goal, with Netflix' most recent Seaspiracy film, in particular, prompting almost half of its viewers to consider giving up fish.

As a vegan seafood alternative, Tuno has helped many begin putting this into practice, with this simple store cupboard switch-up having saved close to 300,000 fish so far...and all without compromising on the joy of a 'tuna' mayo sarnie!

With a taste just like premium seafood, Tuno is also a natural source of omega-3, as well as being Ocean safe and Gluten-free.

This National Tuna Day, the existence of seafood alternatives has never been more relevant to bring to the fore. For vegans, and also the ‘vecurios’, the tuna-less salad represents so much more than just lunch.

It is a bitesize step in a new, positive direction, and representative of the movement for not always doing, what we’ve always done.

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