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Lay your cards on the table…

Updated: May 28

When you’re in any form of long term relationship, it’s easy for conversation to fall by the wayside.

Life takes over, and the assumption of ‘already knowing everything there is to know,’ means that deep-and-meaningfuls can feel far less necessary than tuning into what’s on TV or social media.

I’ve become aware recently, that this is probably a bit of a slippery slope to find oneself on, and that it rarely has positive outcomes for that precious commodity that is… connection.

Connection is one of those things that I’m confident needs to be stoked regularly, for risk of it becoming extinguished under the weight of everyday life!

To this end, and with the sentiment of Mental Health Awareness Week in mind, we’ve committed to breaking the ‘conversation complacency’ cycle, using the Really Good Conversations card game!

The aim of this novel and unique game, is to open up new lines of dialogue, and to facilitate sharing and listening between friends and family members.

One of the most interesting side benefits of this game, which is suitable for children and adults alike, is that it affords an insight into family history and backstories, the details of which can often prove as sense-making…as they are fascinating.

As a self-confessed stickler for information (especially the personality-revealing kind!!) it’s no wonder that Really Good Conversations has proved right up my street!

As an additional incentive, it represents a kind of social lubricant, with potential to soften at least some of the anxiety that loathers-of-awkward-silences (myself included) might experience this pub-garden season!

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