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Updated: May 7, 2022


It’s hot, sticky… and let’s face it, far from glamorous at times!

Suddenly, a good deodorant takes on a new-found importance, but with more of us now attuned to the virtues of natural, plastic-free personal care, choosing one comes with a certainty ‘pickiness,’ like never before.

It has to be…

High performance…but low (or no) nasty ingredients

Affordable … but UK made

Long lasting…but aluminium-free!

The irony that anything less than all of the above, well…stinks, is not lost on us!

What a relief, therefore, that strappy dress season coincides with the release of a new league of natural deodorants from Salt of the Earth.

Salt of the Earth’s new and improved formula deodorants provide long-lasting, effective protection against body odour, while skin-loving shea butter and coconut oil take care of your underarms.

Not only this, every plastic free 100% natural balm is cruelty free, naturally fragranced with botanical extracts, and approved by the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies.

For those of us looking to reduce our use of disposable plastics, whilst upgrading our wash bag in time for summer, there’s certainly no going wrong with these handy, made-for-travel pots!

Simply choose between the delicious scents of Cocount & Ocean, or Orange & Neroli, and apply-and-go as required for a shower-fresh confidence that comes with all the holiday-vibes…and none of the compromise!

Sponsored by Salt of the Earth

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