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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

In the unlikely confines of the hotel restaurant, slowness (and indecision) finally find acceptance.

Sitting back, relaxing, and spending an hour perusing the menu - it’s not just accepted when lunching on holiday time, but actively encouraged.

These are the meals where one hour seamlessly merges into two, into three, and what’s more… it doesn’t matter!

When there’s nowhere to be, nobody to pick up, and nothing to ‘touch base’ on with some random colleague in meeting room B…lunch in itself becomes a lifestyle!

A little bit of this, met with a little bit of that… and we’re not just talking about the food.

People watching.

Small talk.

Deep talk.

A little rest between courses!

It’s this unique fusion of food and freedom, to which holiday lunches owe their filling effect on both tummies - and hearts - alike.

With a choice of buffet or a la carte restaurants, the Zafiro Palace Palmanova is most certainly THE place to be when the clock strikes lunch this summer!

Whether your fancy is ticked by paella-on-tap, or just a light bite by the pool, the only thing that’s possibly harder to resist… is the obligatory snooze afterwards.

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