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LESS IS MORE: How to make the ‘Locktail Hour’ work for your wellbeing

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Inevitably, alcohol consumption has become a part of lockdown culture, with the rise of the 'Locktail Hour' cultivating some important questions around the topic of moderation, and how to achieve it when navigating a global pandemic.

The line is a fine one, and it doesn’t take much for the relaxing effects of alcohol to turn into a stressor on the body. This phenomenon is known as the “Ballmer Peak”, and it refers to how alcohol can only make us feel good up to a certain (low) level of consumption, at and after which point the benefits plummet.

As we all strive to achieve this happy medium during Lockdown 3, opting for a low alcohol choice such as Mooze (a fusion of Moderation + Booze) can potentially be a positive starting point.

Mooze is a delicious, low alcohol spirit, boasting just 12% alcohol, as opposed to the 37.5% of standard gin. In fact, there are the same number of units in 1 large glass of wine as there are in 11 servings of Mooze and Skinny Tonic. Distilled by Award Winners in the same way as gin, using small copper pots, Mooze has a fresh, fragrant cucumber aroma and a delicious crisp taste of Juniper, Orange, Clementine Zest, Coriander and Macadamia Nut.

Besides opting for a lower alcohol spirit, there are other steps that have been shown to help in reducing alcohol consumption. One of these, is to choose a smaller glass.

There is some evidence that drinks served in smaller glass are likely to be perceived as more in quantity, than a similar amount served in a larger glass. This in turn can lead to drinkers titrating their consumption rate, based on the perceived amount of drink in their glass.

The idea of scaling down both the serving and and strength of our lockdown tipples, represents a positive compromise amid this burgeoning movement for virtual happy hours, and so forth. For this reason, and for helping us continue to enjoy the small joys that these days are hinged upon, it's an idea well worth 'moozing' over!

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Price: £24 70cl / free postage.

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