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Let there be light… and shades!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Some things about spring are a bit, well, obvious…let’s be honest!

Take the ubiquitous floral aesthetic - for example - from which the realms of fashion, especially, are scarcely immune…much to the delight of ditsy fans like myself!

Less groundbreaking than the fact that rose-print sunglasses are officially back 'on trend', is the now-necessity to wear eye protection....even on cloudy days (such is the advice of optometrists at this time of year.)

I’ll readily admit, I’m quite partial to a ditsy print…and eye care, as a matter of fact. Call it a side effect of having a negative six prescription - something which has always brought ocular wellbeing into much sharper focus (pardon the pun.)

Luckily, Sunsibility are now ready-stocked with a wide range of style-plus-substance sunnies, including THESE 100% UVA-UVB protection frames by Foster Grant.

Without their unique rosey tint and, let’s face it, 'blooming' lovely design, I’m confident that these cloudy May days, well... they wouldn’t be nearly so easy on the eye!

Sponsored by Sunsibility

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