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LOOK UP: Why it pays to raise your gaze, and make time for some head-clearing sky gazing

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

It’s probably safe to say, most of us spend a whole lot of our days looking DOWN, or straight ahead, without ever really thinking to focus our attention UPWARDS!

Simply by taking time to escape the digital vortex and indulge in some head-clearing sky gazing… it’s possible to take advantage of the myriad of health benefits that come from lapping up the sky, clouds and nature above.

Many of these advantages can be traced to the perks of ‘disconnecting’ - from phones, computers etc - but some are owing to the physical changes that happen when you raise your chin and look upwards.

Through this simple action, the shoulders naturally fall back and the chest opens, working in the same way as the ‘power pose’ on mood and mindset. Social psychologists call it ‘embodied cognition’, where the body – especially posture – influences the mind, and vice versa.

In contrast, limiting our visual fields and sitting in a collapsed position apparently makes it easier for negative thoughts to dominate, which at this time, is something we can do without.

So, the next time you head out for a walk, make a conscious effort to look up! It’s a small action, but one that plays an important part in keeping us connected to the outside world, and reminding us that (like the clouds constantly moving overhead) this too shall pass!

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